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I show Nobelity each semester, which never fails to educate them ( my students) about the overwhelming social issues that plague our planet, but also tend to instill a sense of peace, knowing there are these bright, brilliant individuals who devote their lives and hearts to peace and prosperity throughout the world. When I ask them to chose their favorite to write about, it becomes difficult for many, as they feel encouraged and inspired by each and every one of the Nobelists. One aspect that is particularly engaging is how these laureates are able to express their missions and efforts in lay terms, and though grand in their knowledge and ambitions, come to the table without arrogance or pomposity. Bravo to you guys for producing such a work of art.

Professor Marilyn Michelson Ph.D
Yavapai College

“Gentle but incisive, Nobelity invites viewers to contemplate the wisdom of the laureates, to engage in dialogue, and take action in the sphere of their daily lives. Because Nobelity reinforces the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, teachers and religious educators will find this documentary an inspiring and invaluable resource. Nobelity is a well-paced documentary that is in no hurry to discover the answers to the earth's survival, responses that require the will to change business as usual. It is a sight and sound environmental experience in itself.”

the official newspaper of
the Los Angeles Archdiocese

"Inspiring. This film could have a huge impact.” - Governor Ann Richards I got to see an incredible documentary last night. It’s perfect for Beth Am. There are brilliant connections for all/any Tikkun Olam projects. The film would be a great conversation trigger for any Shabbat Afternoon Film, Shabbaton Adult Education Discussion, Social Action Meeting, PIA project, and more. (Plus, I can think of at least five sermon topics from the film as well.) The Film Director has a great presence and fantastic stories to tell. Right now, he’s raising money for a movie about possible solutions to our world’s greatest problems. So, I think you could lure him to Beth Am (and Stanford) pretty easily. Please - Don’t just take my word for it. Please look at the website. And please pass it on. RSEL

Susan Elizabeth Lippe
Congregation Beth Israel

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