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A Letter from Chaplain Liz Powell of Trinity Episcopal School

Hi Jane!

I'm Liz Powell, chaplain at Trinity Episcopal School in Austin, Texas (and, wife of Due Dad Brad Powell!)

I wanted to let you know that our school is using the film Nobelity as the inspiration for our curriculum focus on global education. We are a kindergarten through 8th grade school, and wish to begin teaching about our lives as citizens of the world to all of our students.

We ended the year with faculty and staff watching the film Nobelity, and had Christy Pipkin here to lead us in a discussion.

And, our curriculum map for the year revolves around the work of Wangari Maathai and the Green Belt Movement. So, we intend to show some of the film to our students (the oldest kids can watch the whole thing, but even a kindergarten student can watch the Wangari segment). And, then our curriculum will follow with a focus on environmental issues, women's issues, and the importance of growing into a community that dreams, thinks, and acts on behalf of our world community!

It should be a great year, and we will develop this initiative with our teachers and students.

Just thought you would like to know where this movie is taking us!

Thanks, and peace, Liz

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