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Amartya Sen in Documentary
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Nobelity, a documentary featuring the comments of nine Nobel Prize winners, including India's Amartya Sen, screened at the Maui International Film Festival June 16 and 17 and will open in Northern California in September.

The film combines the insights of the Nobel Laureates with a first-person view of world problems and the children who are most affected by them. Award-winning filmmaker Turk Pipkin's expedition to find answers to the world's toughest questions took him across the United States and to France, England, India and Africa.

“I’d been told that India would change me forever,” said Pipkin in a statement. “I didn’t really know what that meant until my journey to meet with Indian economist Amartya Sen led me to the street children of Kolkata, who always seemed to find a way to smile through the poverty that is ever-present in their lives.

“Again and again I learned that the world’s problems are much larger than I’d thought, but also learning that there is much reason for hope. The answers are there, but we have to seek them out and act on them in a much more proactive fashion.”

Other Nobel Laureates participating in the film include Peace Prize honorees Desmond Tutu (1984) and Wangari Maathai (2004).

An Esquire magazine review states, “Remarkable new film… Nobelity leaves you wanting more and thinking that if Pipkin’s nine were in charge, we would leave a better world indeed.” Visit for updates and screening info.

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